Age-appropriate lessons introduce Toddlers to faith, Bible stories, and especially God’s love

Multiple learning styles

Uses a play-and-learn approach through multi-sensory activities – music, movement, play and crafts

Flexible and Easy-to-Teach

Stories from The Toddler’s Bible – 2 year scope and sequence

Toddler Children's Sunday School Curriculum Bible-in-Life Teachers Commentary

Teacher’s Commentary

Thirteen easy-to-teach lessons-built around toddler versions of favorite Bible stories-help teachers set up learning activities that provide ways to present the Bible story while the children move around, explore, and play. Learning activities include the interactive Bible step, the Bible review step, and the craft step.

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Creative Teaching Aids

Essential audio and visual resources for teaching and reaching toddlers. Includes interactive Bible-art figures that toddlers can hold and move. Fun lesson-based songs help children learn and remember as they sing along. Fully reproducible CD filled with 13 audio tracks of the Bible stories kids learn in class and three unit songs.

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Toddler Children's Sunday School Curriculum Bible-in-Life Creative Teaching Aids

Starting Steps

Starting Steps is a student take-home publication that is a family newsletter. Includes a short devotional for the busy parent, age-level tips, an amusing anecdote, and the interactive Bible story to be told over and over at home. Need one per student.

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“The Creative Teaching Aids (CTA kits) are so valuable! The kit makes teaching the lesson a breeze with all the fun games, puzzles, charts, puppets and extra resource material. It is easy to use and a real asset to each lesson."

Dolorus Nevels, Christian EducatorChrist Temple Apostolic Church, Oberlin, Ohio